Deadbird (deadbird) wrote,

I am the torture and the struggle that is CONTROL

i need to think about the way the world operates when I am fucked up.
as others probably do, i can always find answers to everything.
i hate my inner battle to find myself, and know that in the end I will but i want it now.
Like i am still a child.
I struggle for the knowledge unreachable to anybody else.
I'm sorry to the people who I judge harshly, look down upon or argue with.
It is purely fed by my human need to be right.

Logic is anti-art.

I need people who care about me to remind me who I am because sometimes the illusion drugs give my life happens again tomorrow. As an artist i feel like my battle living is my creative way of showing the battle of being human.

i need to know i am right, based on the human need to feel balance

i hate that

it just proves that mentally, we cannot accept an end

i will better explain it one day, when i can stop being such a victim
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